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Why Use DirectLink Logistics

DirectLink Logistics boasts a rapidly expanding fleet of modern, company-owned cargo vans, box trucks, and tractor-trailers, ensuring the safe and timely delivery of your shipments, regardless of size, across the Mid-Atlantic region.


Our Solutions

The majority of shippers rely on custom-tailored routing to meet the time-critical demands of pickup and delivery. DirectLink offers comprehensive Last Mile Delivery services, featuring custom-routed solutions for the timely deliveries of pharmaceuticals, whole blood, eyeglasses, medical specimens, and much more.

Featuring over 400 scheduled delivery routes that cover most locations throughout the mid-Atlantic region, DirectLink Logistics prioritizes the special care of your shipments. As an asset-based logistics provider, we deploy our own fleet and professionally trained drivers, which significantly reduces incident rates and enhances the security of your goods. Our Dedicated Line Hauls seamlessly facilitate Last Mile Deliveries, ensuring the swift and safe transport of products. Furthermore, DirectLink Logistics provides customizable and cost-efficient Dedicated Truckload Services tailored to meet all internal transportation requirements of our clients. Our drivers adhere to stringent security protocols and undergo regular training, guaranteeing the safety and security of every shipment.

Our dedicated services, combined with our Last Mile Delivery, assure you of unique visible end-to-end economical delivery solutions.

Core Values

DirectLink Logistics thrives on a foundation of solid core values that steer every decision and action. These principles are the heartbeat of our identity and mission, propelling us toward unparalleled excellence and service.

  1. Dedicated:  Our unwavering commitment to our mission and vision ignites our drive to excel. This dedication inspires us to surpass expectations, tackle challenges head-on, and consistently honor our promises to clients and partners.
  2. Client-Centric:  Our ethos is deeply rooted in putting clients at the forefront of all we do. Recognizing our intertwined successes, we engage closely, understand profoundly, and customize solutions to go beyond what’s expected. This dedication to client experience distinguishes us.
  3. Excellence:  Excellence is our standard, pushing us to uphold the highest levels of quality, innovation, and performance. It’s a commitment ingrained in our culture, challenging us to evolve and redefine industry standards continually.
  4. Steadfastness:  Our solid resolve and adherence to our core values are the cornerstone of our achievements. Facing any challenge, our strength and integrity remain unwavering, ensuring our actions reflect our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices.
  5. Exceptional: For us, being exceptional is the norm. We are committed to breaking new ground, delivering solutions that not only meet but far exceed expectations. In every product, service, or interaction, we aim for the extraordinary.