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Dedicated Truckload

benefits of dedicated truckload services for long distance shipping

Our Dedicated Services

Dedicated Truckload

Dedicated Truckload means the entire truck is dedicated to transporting only your product, ensuring it is not commingled with items from other shippers. This service extends beyond the typical 53-foot trailers. To accommodate specific needs, many of our customers utilize Dedicated Service with a variety of vehicles, including vans and box trucks.

Today, DirectLink Logistics operates a comprehensive fleet of cargo vans, box trucks, and tractor-trailers, ensuring on-time, safe, and secure same-day deliveries across the mid-Atlantic region. Unlike many courier services that rely on third-party employees, DirectLink Logistics boasts a direct employment model with 300 employees, guaranteeing that shipments are consistently managed without delay and any issues are addressed swiftly and accurately.

With over two decades of experience, DirectLink Logistics’s team offers accurate, consistent, and competitively priced solutions for all transportation needs. Specializing in Last Mile Delivery and Dedicated Truckload Services, DirectLink Logistics covers Virginia, Tennessee, the Carolinas, and Georgia, ensuring accessibility through one of the 11 DirectLink Logistics Service Center Terminals located near you.