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Management Team

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  • Jerry Coleman

    President: 36+ Years

    Previous founder of Commercial Courier Express in 1974, Jerry is a veteran of the industry. Upon successfully growing Commercial Courier Express to more than 1000 vehicles and more than 1,400 employees, Jerry sold the company in 1994 to a publicly held company. After completing his five-year non-competition agreement, Jerry re-entered the business by opening DirectLink Driver in October 2000.

  • Jeff Kidd

    Director of Terminal Operations: 25+ Years

    Jeff, a veteran of the industry since 1985, began his transportation career with the previously successful organization Commercial Courier Express, founded by Jerry Coleman, and remained with the company after it was sold in 1994. Staying with the company through several ownership changes, Jeff gained experience in many crucial areas of the business. His experience promoted him from his early days as a lead driver to terminal manager, Corporate Customer Services, Senior Business Analyst, and Technology Administrator. Jeff join the corporate staff of DirectLink Driver in October 2000 and has been involved in all aspects of organizing business.

  • Barry Kernodle

    Director of Account Administration and Customer Service: 31+ Years

    Barry began his transportation career with Commercial Courier Express in Greensboro in 1979. Throughout his career, Barry has been responsible for many areas of the business such as terminal manager, account executive, business analyst, and development, and most recently directed all terminal operations. Barry joined DirectLink in 2001 and has been instrumental in positioning the company as a leader in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast Region.

  • Steve Coleman

    Customer Service Coordinator: 25+ Years

    Steve Coleman is an accomplished professional that plays a pivotal role in driving innovation, managing critical infrastructure, and delivering cutting-edge solutions to meet the evolving needs of DirectLink Logistics. As the Director of IT for 19 years, Steve’s unique talent lies in his aptitude for translating intricate technological concepts into clear and accessible language for both internal stakeholders and external clients.

  • Barry Marshall

    Fleet Administrator and Risk Manager: 30+ Years

    Barry began his transportation career with Commercial Courier Express in Greensboro in 1980. Rising from various roles of supervision and terminal management, Barry developed his skills in Asset and Risk management. His primary background has focused on fleet management and insurance underwriting. Barry joined DirectLink in October 2000 and has been very involved in developing and maintaining the company-owned fleet and terminal facilities throughout the DirectLink system. Also, Barry remains very involved in the Human Resources function for driver personnel.

  • Shannon Phelps

    Senior Accountant: 24 Years

    With 24 years of experience in finance, Shannon reviews and manages financials to ensure accuracy and drives cost savings. Her expertise extends to effectively managing cash flow and overseeing all accounting functions, including accounts payable and receivables. Beginning as an accounts payable and payroll clerk at Directlink Logistics, Inc. in 2002, she steadily climbed the ranks through dedication and expanding skill sets, ultimately attaining the position of Senior Accountant.

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    Last Mile Delivery

    DirectLink Logistics is an innovative custom transportation provider of Last Mile Delivery and Dedicated Truckloads that uses our own equipment and specially trained drivers to ensure that your packages are easily located and delivered right the first time.
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