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About DirectLink Logistics

DirectLink Logistics underwent a significant transformation in 1984 due to consolidation, leading to its sale. However, the company made a strong comeback in 1999 by acquiring a smaller courier service and undergoing a rebranding to the now-familiar DirectLink Logistics. The adoption of innovative tracking and tracing technology, previously unavailable, empowered DirectLink Logistics to efficiently serve the Carolinas and Virginia.

Today, DirectLink Logistics boasts a comprehensive fleet of cargo vans, box trucks, and tractor-trailers, facilitating shipments across the mid-Atlantic region. Our commitment is to guarantee timely, safe, and secure same-day deliveries. Unlike many courier services that rely on third-party personnel, DirectLink Logistics prides itself on having 300 direct employees. This ensures high reliability, with swift and effective resolution of any issues that arise. With over two decades of experience, our team offers precise, consistent, and competitively priced transportation solutions. Directlink Logistics excels in Last Mile Delivery and Dedicated Truckload Services, covering Virginia, Tennessee, the Carolinas, and Georgia. Our network includes 11 Service Center Terminals strategically located to serve you better.


The success of DIRECTLINK has been the result of a cohesive seasoned management team who is focused on the principle of “delivering it right the first time”. The senior management team has worked together for more than 20 years, and it is assisted daily by veteran staff members at each of the 11 Service center (terminal) located throughout our geographical area.

DirectLink Logistics business plan is to remain the “carrier of choice” for distribution companies who require special care for their time sensitive shipment being transported throughout the Carolinas, Virginia, and Georgia. OUR management philosophy is on that place’s greater emphasis on client retention than on excessive growth. We, at DirectLink Logistics, are proud of the fact that we have many clients who have consistently served for more than 25 years.

Using a hub and spoke concept, DirectLink Logistics can prove clients that efficiencies of using our current operating platform that saturate the mid-Atlantic with daily scheduled service. Our “hub and spoke” concept, utilizing an efficient linehaul system, minimizes milage, redu8ces operation hours and lowers overall cost. Knowing that each of our clients has unique customer service needs, we design and implement custom-tailored routing, where necessary, to obtain complete client satisfaction.

Our asset-based company continues to employ bona-fide employees and utilize the company owned vehicles market with our corporate identity.