DirectLink Logistics was established in 1974 as a regional courier company and grew to more than 1,400 employees and 1,000 vehicles serving regions in 7 southeastern states.

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In 1994, the business was sold because of consolidation but returned in 1999 by purchasing a smaller courier service and rebranding as DirectLink Logistics. Implementation of new tracking and tracing technology that was not previously available allowed DirectLink to serve the Carolinas and Virginia with ease.

Today, DirectLink operates a fleet of cargo vans, box trucks, and tractor-trailers to move shipments throughout the mid-Atlantic region while guaranteeing on time, safe, and secure same-day deliveries. While most courier services use third-party employees, 300 employees are directly employed by DirectLink to ensure that shipments are not missed and that any issues are resolved quickly and correctly. With over 20 years of experience, DirectLink employees are able to provide accurate, consistent, and fairly priced solutions for all of your transportation needs. DirectLink specializes in Last Mile Delivery and Dedicated Truckload Services throughout Virginia, Tennessee, the Carolinas, and Georgia to ensure that one of the 11 DirectLink Service Center Terminals is positioned near you.

From the President

Transportation is a business I love. Let me share a bit of my background with you. I started my life long career in transportation in 1974 by establishing an asset based ground courier company that grew to more than 1400 employees and 1000 vehicles over a successful 20-year span. I sold the business in 1994 due to consolidation within the industry and a trend toward national transportation networks.

During a 5 year non-compete period, I continued to observe the industry from the sidelines as the national networks attempted to succeed. Believing the best service providers were regional in scope offering tremendous attention to flexible, affordable, quality service, I chose to return to the industry in 2000 by forming Directlink Logistics.

In forming DirectLink, many management members of my former company joined me. With out southeastern footprint, DirectLink Logistics is now the leader in The Same Day Last Mile Delivery sector as well as dedicated truckload services. I have always been more committed to client retention than looking for the next customer. We are truly a relationship based organization.

The exciting addition to our business today that did not exist 30 plus years ago is the technology utilized to provide shipping transparency and measurement tools to assist us in efficiency. We continue to invest in state of the art mobile technology for tracking and tracing of shipments throughout the delivery process. Technology based service is a very exciting element of our business which customers depend upon each day. Monitoring shipment status and a service level is only a click or two away.

Although the technology is amazing, I know it is our people using the technology who make the difference. Many of our management members and driving personnel have worked together for more than 20 years. Their experience mixed with a group of exciting new staff members who have been trained in today’s technology based management tools are allowing us to enjoy long lasting relationships with our customers who continuously receive quality, affordable, transportation solutions from DirectLink year end and year out.

We have strategically established DirectLInk Logistics as a wholesale distributor’s transportation partner. If time is critical to your business, I urge you to allow us the time to make a proposal to your company. As the “DirectLink” between you and your customer, we can drive results bottom line!

Thanks for visiting with me,