DirectLink Logistics operates a growing fleet of modern, company-owned cargo vans, box trucks and tractor-trailers that get your shipments – large or small – where they need to go in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Market Services

Healthcare Distribution

Transporting healthcare products to the Last Mile Delivery point is the heart of our business. Constantly reviewed to ensure full DEA compliance. Technology is state-of-the-art for managing Chain of Custody, on-time performance, and safe and accurate deliveries with total visibility to our shipper. Electronic Proof of Delivery provides customers with instant updates.

Parts Distribution Solutions

With Last Mile Delivery, your clients are assured of a reliable, on-time, custom-tailored routing system for expediting parts for autos, computers, agricultural, and others.

Financial Services Solutions

Since 1974, DirectLink has partnered with financial institutions to develop transportation systems to meet their specific needs. In the past, Check Processing created the need for this service. Today it is intercompany supplies, mail, and loan documents that are crucial to daily workflow. Tracking and Tracing assure you of where your valuable documents are along the delivery process.

Chain Retailing

Chain retailers use DirectLink to enhance their same-day inventory process. For store-to-store shipments, DirectLink designs the best on-route solution for providing inventory replenishment. Wal-Mart, Target, chain drug stores, and retail auto parts such as Advance Auto have enjoyed the services of DirectLink.

Postal Zone Skipping

This service is designed to move your product to the nearest post office which ultimately provides the final leg of the delivery to its destination.

Intra-company Delivery

Whether it is store to store, dock to dock, or plant to plant, moving inventory is made easy. This service often eliminates the need for an internal transportation network.

Blood Banks, Laboratories, and Hospital Logistics

American Red Cross, clinical laboratories, and regional Hospitals have been using the specialized services of DirectLink for many years.

Our Solutions

DirectLink Logistics specializes in time-sensitive, same day transportation with excess volume solutions readily available to guarantee on-time same-day delivery.

The majority of shippers utilize custom tailored routing to meet the time critical needs of pickup and delivery. DirectLink also offers Last Mile Delivery which includes custom-routed services for time-critical deliveries of pharmaceuticals, whole blood, eyeglass, medical specimens, and much more.
With over 400 scheduled delivery routes serving most locations throughout the mid-Atlantic, DirectLink Logistics is focused on the special care of your delivery. We are an asset-based company who provides our own equipment and drivers which ensures lower incident rates to protect your shipments. And with our Dedicated Line Hauls, we are able to move product for Last Mile Delivery with ease and safety. DirectLink Logistics also offers custom and cost-effective Dedicated Truckload Services for internal transportation to suit all client needs. Because our DirectLink drivers adhere to strict security procedures and receive periodic training, you can be sure that all of your shipments with will be safe and secure.