Outsourcing is an attractive alternative for today’s escalating costs in transportation, recruiting regulations compliance, and overall labor management.

      Why outsource infographic

      Why Outsource?

      DirectLink Logistics evaluates your current operating environment and understands delivery requirements, vehicle capacity, time-specific delivery points and crucial information to find you the best shipping solution. We compare your current operating environment to our model so we can show you the positives and negatives in considering DirectLink as your outsourcing partner. And because we strive to understand your mission and expectations, we are able to custom-tailor information we have collected to provide the most appropriate plan for your needs and display cost comparisons to your current expense.

      Why DirectLink?

      DirectLink Logistics is an innovated custom transportation provider of Last Mile Delivery and Dedicated Truckloads who uses our own equipment and specially trained drivers to ensure that your packages are easily located and delivered right the first time. We provide services from Richmond, VA to Atlanta, GA and your shipments are tracked every step of the way with Proof of Delivery services. We provide competitive pricing and quality work which means a higher level of service to all of our clients. Our responsive customer services team is available to provide on-time delivery reports, incident reporting, and total quality control for all terminals. DirectLink takes pride in our attention to detail and best-in-class processes to produce long-lasting relationships with our clients.